Credit Card Services

Low-cost credit card processing services.

Convenience & Savings

Capitalize on the convenience and cost savings created by credit card processing systems offered by Empire Petroleum. Empire has developed a strategic partnership with a national credit card processing company to provide significant savings to our customers.

Don’t pay unnecessary fees and high rates - contact the Empire credit card processing team for a free no obligation financial analysis to evaluate Empire’s low rates compared to your current credit card processor costs.

Even if you don’t buy Fuel from Empire you can benefit from our low-cost credit card processing service.


Top of the line equipment is available to power your business. Better equipment leads to efficiency and cost effective strategies that will turn into profits.

Network Access

Access to Empire's partner for network access means dedicated solutions and reliable, secure processing.

Competitive Rates

Empire works for you to get the most competitive rates for your business. Being part of our the Empire network allows us to negotiate better rates on your behalf.

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